Cloud and big data are the core drivers for product innovation

Big data is not just useful to the businesses but is also beneficial to the end users. The users today do not have the time and resources to take care and handle all information that they use regularly. They need devices to hold the data and render the expected results. Therefore, it is needed that the devices be able to interact in order to render correct data which is why the concept of ‘connected devices’ becomes so important. The devices can trap the data through sensors as well as actuators. Only then can the information be rendered according to the user anticipations. Continue Reading »

Cloud-based Business models to drive future innovation

Most of the organisations are facing data leak breaches that are resulting into organisational setups getting more stringent for any change in the architectural change in technology implied in the premises. With the emergence of BYOD ( Bring your own Device), this data leak threat has increased. The top notch companies are using cloud services for various data transfer and storage but at the same time they are threatened by data hacks by professional hackers who have all the mediums and infrastructure pre installed to obtain the requisite information. Therefore it is becoming very important to streamline the business processes as per latest mobility developments. Continue Reading »

The future of technology lies beyond internet of Things

With the emergence of smart devices there is a growing concern related to breach of data security and various potential privacy intrusions. There have always been growing issues regarding the spread of the first invented technology. Just when the electricity was invented, there were trouble spreading the word that the most powerful invention has happened in the history of mankind. In the same manner, users are still starting to explore a new niche of smart devices where the environment would interact and all the “stuff” around would be connected to internet. Here the “stuff” means everything, for instance, toothbrush, street lighting and so on. Continue Reading »

IOT has paved the way for diversification of mobility solutions

Internet of things is wrongly confused for only the smartphones and few other related smart devices revolving around a human interface environment. There are billions of other endpoint services like WiFi, barcode scanners and various types of network communications. Smart Watches and virtual reality glasses are the new openings in this niche. There are also other machine sensors, motion sensors, RFID tags and other artificially intelligent  endpoint that can collect data from the user’s environment. All these data gathered is stored in the cloud for further analysis and storage. This data is used productively in multitudinous ways for the betterment of user applicability. Continue Reading »

Close integration of IOT among various technologies

Why is Internet of things bothering all existing work processes? Why are all businesses strategists thinking of expanding their existing IT architecture? How will Internet of things help evolve the businesses for better prospects in the future? How are devices governing the information being transcended from one place to another ? All such dramatic questions have been in conversation but to understand the full compatibility of Internet of things, it is first important to know what it is all about. IOT is all about the devices and sensors and all related data stored within or through them. This means that devices are responsible for sharing of information in today’s world. This data can be of any type. It might or might not be of value to the user. This data needs to be categorised and stored appropriately for later referrals. Continue Reading »

How is Internet of Things changing the scope of Healthcare

There are several expensive machines that are crucial to manage and even data is unified manually into it. But an IoT enabled device to serve in analyzing statistics daily and this can be used greasily for patient rescheduling.

It is feasible to continually test and diagnose the IoT devices remotely. As it becomes simpler for technicians to connect and diagnose failed MRI by connecting directly from their own office. In this manner they find out a basic problem behind the failure and grease a management app in order to find solutions to common issues. the issues can also be resolved by connecting remotely with the hospital technicians in order to get the full fledge support. A new part can be catered by the field engineer to replace the defective part with the complete set of instructions. Continue Reading »

Changing Dynamics of Enterprise Mobility due to Cloud Computing

The most crucial fundamentals for businesses in today’s world is the Cloud based enterprise association. Cloud computing, in this fast paced technological world plays a major role in order to add value to the organization. Nowadays we can see examples of cloud computing in every social networking sites, internet marketing, smartphones browser and varied publications. Continue Reading »

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