The implementation of sensors is the way forward to Internet of Things

Internet of things is the interlinking of devices that would deliver their best possible functionality by capturing the users’ data. This data will be used further to produce results in accordance to human expectations. When we hear of IOT, we often think about sensors, apps and devices. Smartphones have already led to intuitive app development but as other smart devices like wearables grow with leaps and bounds, the age of sensors seems to have taken a stringent threshold over the mobility world. There is hardly any device that comes without making use of sensors. A new set of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) have come with better cost efficiencies. This has made it easy for the organisations to invest in sensors that are definitely the core drivers of Internet of Things. Continue Reading »

New innovations in healthcare due to IOT

Internet of Things has been gaining attention and traction in the IT market since recent years. The concept of the IOT entails the use of electronic devices that gather data and connect it with a private or public cloud. This data is further grouped, classified and analyzed. In turn, several other product portfolios are launched keeping in mind the requirements of the business clients as well as the end users. The demand for connected devices spans multiple industries including the energy, automotive and consumer spaces. The integration of all such devices has led to  greater level of convenience, efficiency, and automation. The greatest benefit of IOT has till date been observed in the healthcare industry with a number of devices ben launched to cater to the well being of the patients as well as their physicians and surgeons. Continue Reading »

How to boost enterprise software adoption

The demand of enterprise software is elevating and it even serves as the very basic foundation of a modern economy thereby helping in the growth of businesses. There are several Enterprise applications that gratify every organizational requirement and they can decline if not adopted by end users. There are certain IT professionals that face repetitions of common end users; some face security breaches whereas others will endure the need to accommodate their workflow. Enterprises can run into user adoption issues during software implementation without even recognizing the various issues of managing change. Continue Reading »

The combined feasibility of Cloud and IOT

With the growth of technology, the number of devices have increased with the mobile applications operating at a faster speed. The devices have been linked to each other for better, and more of these devices have now access to the IP (Internet Protocol). The millions of embedded devices that are not fitted into devices need proper human machine interface to work appropriately. This interface must be developed in manner so that it enhances quality of life, safety and productivity of users. The interfaces must be such that developers get used to these soon and have less trouble learning new features with each upcoming model. Continue Reading »

Most business models revolve around enterprise mobility

Mobility solutions have taken a complete U turn since the times they have been tracked down to handle the real life problems incurred by the end users. The app development is now handling all the cumbersome issues that users face while they live to make both ends meet. As the technology and the growth of the internet takes the world with a storm, there has been a mingle of data, processes and devices in order to deliver useful solutions to the humankind. Continue Reading »

Healthcare sector to get boost via Internet of Things

Internet of things has faced the biggest revolution in the healthcare sector. With slew of monitoring and recording devices around the patients, it is now easier to capture the data of the patent, know his health, know the tilt of the patient’s bed, know when to take the medicines and when to enable a conversation with the physician. A number of wireless sensor-based systems are implemented today for gathering patient medical data that was not available earlier for better analysis. Microcontrollers are also in execution these days that are used for processing, analyzing and wirelessly communicating the data. Continue Reading »

Robust Security is the need of the hour for Internet of Things

Internet of things has started to gain attention as well as traction in recent few years. The organisations as well as the end users have started to cater to a multitude of various smart objects like smart fridges, smartwatch, air traffic control technology, environment monitoring systems, space satellite systems, human pacemakers and so on. But when understanding it from a security perspective, the Internet of Things and its developers must come to focus on the data that is captured, processed, and communicated between these devices. Continue Reading »

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