Mobility is here to change business interactions


Mobility has always been the driving force that has helped bridge the gap between business and consumers, by creating a line of real time communication. There is no denying the fact that this has given both ends an ample amount of opportunity to offer quality experience that can be customised as per the requirement. As mobility has envisioned through the path of consumer as well as enterprise mobility, it has let to the revolution of mobile first strategy. Few years ago a poorly designed mobile website was not a major concern for the online presence of any brand, but with the emergence of smartphones, there has been shift in the priorities of most brands. Nowadays, a non-mobile friendly Continue Reading »

How Market Dynamics has Worked in Favor of Mobile Applications


The software market is vast and constantly changing according to the user requirements. Enterprises around the world are innovating rapidly and need to integrate technology to the immense extent as possible. In this modernize era people foresee their work environment to be soulful and feasible in order to automate their business processes. According to the reports generated by Google analytics, users in large amount are emphasizing on application rather than turning towards the browser. According to the reports, 86 percent of the people spend their time on iOS and android devices in apps. Continue Reading »

Future of Healthcare May Depend on Mobile Apps

hellth mobile apps

Over the past few years, Healthcare industry has seen a huge rise with technological advancements and globalization.It is actually an outlook of emerging trends in the field of healthcare sector and their impact on businesses. An insight driven health is an utmost priority that enables healthcare information management,analysis and sharing.With the advent of technologies and mobility coming into picture there have been innovation of automated tools.These automated tool cater to new levels of personalization for the individual as well as personalized care Continue Reading »

Smartphone Market is Slowly Settling Down

smartphone_shzareOver the years, mobility has been the core of all software solutions ranging for enterprise centric to consumer centric. The smartphone industry in particular has gained with a huge margin with many platform coming to the forefront. According to a recent report by International Data Corporation ( IDC ) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 95.7 percent sales of smartphones came from Android and iOS platform based smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2013. The year of 2013 was remarkable for the shipment of smartphones crossing the billion mark. Continue Reading »

Wearable Technology is lot more than Glasses and Smartwatches

Wearable Technology

Every device that is sensor based which is used to collect information from surroundings and further synchronise it with other devices to help the users is part of Wearable Technology. Google’s Vice President for Chrome, Android and apps of Google, Sundar Pichai, states in a conference that wearable technology is not just glasses and smart watches. Even if a jacket comes equipped with sensors to enhance user experience with technology, then the jacket also belongs to the category of Wearable Technology. Continue Reading »

Microsoft to Announce Significant updates in Build 2014


Microsoft has been facing issues regarding its platforms as it has been providing three distinct platforms for its desktops, smartphones and tablets. Microsoft is planning to provide an operating system that could be used and installed on all its desktops, smartphones as well as tablets. This calls for a tremendous effort from developers, which is the main reason behind holding this conference from 2nd to 4th April this year, in San Francisco at Moscone Center. Continue Reading »

Google to release its SDK for Android based Wearable Devices

Google will be releasing its SDK for wearable technology based on Android platform for third party developers. Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Android, Apps and Google Chrome states that SDK will be ready for launch in another two weeks. Google is rumored to collaborate with LG Electronics for the launch of smart watch. Other companies like HTC, Motorola will be now able to use Android for another category of wearable devices. Continue Reading »

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