Most business models revolve around enterprise mobility

Mobility solutions have taken a complete U turn since the times they have been tracked down to handle the real life problems incurred by the end users. The app development is now handling all the cumbersome issues that users face while they live to make both ends meet. As the technology and the growth of the internet takes the world with a storm, there has been a mingle of data, processes and devices in order to deliver useful solutions to the humankind. Continue Reading »

Healthcare sector to get boost via Internet of Things

Internet of things has faced the biggest revolution in the healthcare sector. With slew of monitoring and recording devices around the patients, it is now easier to capture the data of the patent, know his health, know the tilt of the patient’s bed, know when to take the medicines and when to enable a conversation with the physician. A number of wireless sensor-based systems are implemented today for gathering patient medical data that was not available earlier for better analysis. Microcontrollers are also in execution these days that are used for processing, analyzing and wirelessly communicating the data. Continue Reading »

Robust Security is the need of the hour for Internet of Things

Internet of things has started to gain attention as well as traction in recent few years. The organisations as well as the end users have started to cater to a multitude of various smart objects like smart fridges, smartwatch, air traffic control technology, environment monitoring systems, space satellite systems, human pacemakers and so on. But when understanding it from a security perspective, the Internet of Things and its developers must come to focus on the data that is captured, processed, and communicated between these devices. Continue Reading »

Sensors hold huge prominence among connected devices

There have been horde of developments over the past years in areas of mobility solutions, wearables and other devices in order to leverage maximum usability to the people. The effective connection and collaboration of data as well as devices will lead to the culmination of Internet of things all over the planet. Wifi, RFID, ZigBee etc. are being fully enforced in order to connect the physical objects to the network and store user data to analyse it further. This analysis will further be used to launch new innovations that will cause daily tasks to become even more simplified. The key verticals where the IOT is acting in full swing are connected wearables, connected cars, connected homes, connected cities and various sectors of  the industry. Over the years the production and launch of several sensors, smartphones and other enablers that are used to gather data have seen a downfall in their costs. Continue Reading »

Emergence of mobility among enterprises

The number of smartphones and tablets are increasing every day. Researches say that there will be about 1.2 million smartphone devices  and 7.4 billion wireless devices in the market by 2015. Smartphones have replaced cameras, cash, maps, remote controls, handheld gaming systems, boarding passes, tickets, cash registers in emerging markets. This trend is fast emerging in the corporate area today whereas the organizations are taking painstaking efforts to streamline mobility in their core architecture, hence working towards automating every area of their workflows. This is leading to the rise in cloud based mobile apps which has grown by a margin of 88 percent from 2009 to 2014. Big data, Cloud and Internet of Things are being deployed within the line-of-business leader in order to establish enterprise, cross channel mobile strategies. Continue Reading »

Intuitive App Development is driving Internet of Things

We are gradually forging into an era of computing technology where there is going to be widespread interaction of devices all around, accomplishing various tasks in order to simplify the routine of the users. This interaction between Machine to Machine, Machine to Infrastructure, Machine to Environment will pave the way for Internet of Everything ( IoE ), the Internet of Intelligent Things and Intelligent systems. In years to come IOT will become a “global massive neural network” enabled in the Cloud that will encompass every aspect of our lives. The interaction of devices will yield large bouts of data which will be used in an intelligent manner to “control and command” our activities so that less waste is generated from our otherwise unwise actions. Continue Reading »

Points of consideration for internet of things

We have been witnessing explosion of smart devices in the last few years but more needs to be done to enhance functionality of the machines so that they work more smartly in the physical environment. Internet of Things is playing a major role to connect all devices to the network in order to capture every minute data about the user and his surrounding workplace. This data will later be analysed to launch new innovative products. Today devices already come embedded with sensors and actuators that are obtaining every minute detail of the user’s activity throughout the day. Users will soon be able to notice the manifestation of IOT in the form of fully automated homes, smart vehicles and agricultural equipments. Even cities are on the horizon of smartification. With billions of tiny robots ad cobweb of sensors surrounding our existence, the Terminator series of movies does not seem to be far from reality. Continue Reading »

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