Swift Programming Language Has Garnered Much Enthusiasm Among iOS Developers

swift-apple-programming-languageA new era of iOS Application has been taking place with its innovative technologies that are slated to be released. Apples swift programming language was the new innovative technology which was introduced at WWDC event this year. On Apples platform it was expected to replace the Objective-C as the core language. Within two months catalogue of programming popularity, It has gained excessive popularity for development of iOS and OS X apps. There is no denying the fact that after being released by the Apple, the popularity of swift language is reaching at its peak. There have been several rumors regarding its popularity and Apple’s Swift will contemplate the enthusiasm remain high among the tech savvy.

According to the reports generated that the first rating of swift programming language is among top 20. This estimation was done on the basis of method calculating searches regarding various programming languages on multiple search engines. This new programming language has adopted various exclusive features of other programming languages as augmented memory management, type inference and script-like syntax. IT professionals recommend that Apple is speeding up its efforts with Swift and trying to pace up with Java and C#. It is basically designed to serve for a purpose and hence it is contradictory to that of Google Go.

On the basis of first week data, In the very first week after the release of language researches stated that it will come in ninth position. The new iPhone and iPad applications in the coming future will be run on the Swift programming language thereby improving its popularity among top 20 languages. According to the facts and figures illustrated, it was observed that in the Tiobe index it received 1.054 percent of share and in PyPL it observed 3 percent share. In regards to swift, there have been 260 repositories found which was earlier observed to be at 157 over a month ago.

The inspiration of development of Swift has been drawn out from massive number of languages. In order to make the code more simpler and learnable, certain ideas were taken to combine an exclusive Playground feature for Swift in Xcode, on the basis of previous theories. The demands have been rising at a rapid pace and let see whether it will make swift among top 10 player in programming languages. Because of its fast and easy to use platform, Swift is expected to be the powerful tool for the development of Applications and will significantly increase the efficiency criterion of an application.

Connected Devices Face Vertical Growth

connected devicesThere have been worldwide chain of Internet of Things and it’s a concept advert to an interconnected world and devices escalating all aspects. The network of physical objects that are being accessed by the Internet comprises of Internet of Things. The physical world itself is becoming a kind of system and this is because of the anticipated change in the predictable pathways of information. It continues to evolve and continues to drive one of the most comprehensive market transitions. According to the analysis that has been made, Internet of Things in the coming future is expected to grow in massive numbers by the year 2020.
The Ghost devices with unused connectivity will become frequent because of the economic cost of combining IoT potential to consumer products. This will be a unification of products that have the capacity built in and the products inhibiting IoT functionality that clients do not take advantage of. Enterprises are expected to make large usage of IoT technology and there will be usable of a massive range of products in the market. In order to improve commercial competitiveness and planners efforts, the early adopters of Internet of Things technology require government efforts thereby addressing social analytical threats in their area.
Sensors are expected to be unified at the chip level due to its continual achievement to curtail and minimize the sensor’s cost and thus will be found in relatively all the devices. Cloud computing has also achieved a milestone and it is yet another fundamental that will help with commuting development and IoT adoption via improved communication infrastructure combined with ready opportunity of worthwhile compute and storage. Large existence of developing economies indicates the region  and it is said as the leading manufacturing network in the world. In telematics and supply chain visibility these are assumed to drive investing on applications.
According to the researchers, this technology investing in development is speculated to increase at a quicker rate of 52.7 percent every year by 2020.  The consumer technology sector is assumed to enlighten exclusive growth in the coming years. This will take place until and unless logistics and transportation are speculated to endure largest IoT sector for the computable future. The components that seem to be a bit annoying while adopting IoT are security as well as information privacy and these are considered as the biggest hindrance to IoT adoption. The capability to bruise organizations is increased exclusively with the smart devices integrated into business processes.
Lack of data sharing foundation and standardization outcomes in disintegrated and closed IoT ecosystem. As a result, it will forbid IoT adoption, thereby minimizing the justifications and profits of spending in IoT solutions. The ease of accessing IoT in several industries will get affected by the challenge of catering sustainable and cheaper power supply to billions of connected devices. With the large number of industries investing in IoT technologies , the market is assumed to rise strongly and create on multiple fronts. This could lead small size enterprises in leveraging the cloud and open source technology to create contemporary business solutions.

What Does Apple-IBM Deal Mean for iOS Developers

ios developers The conversion of mobile from a communication device to a powerful, robust tool could lead to some major changes in this fast paced technological world. There is no denying the fact that 90 percent of Fortune 500 organizations consists of IOS devices and still it has been observed that invasion of these businesses for mobility is too less. Thus IT professional believes that Apple in order to continue its growth in the enterprise market need to pace up with the evolving technology. Apple is going to attain higher profits with this Apple-IBM deal because it has been observed that IBM has maintained a very high presence in the enterprise market. This will thereby cater Apple in extending its market presence in the community and iOS developers could also have the major benefit in generating large revenues in the enterprise space.

As speculation runs high, it is being speculated that Apple’s swift programming language that was released in the month of June is likely to get a big hit with this partnership. Even after offering security benefits, swift programming language is not considered to be the language which is particularly adaptable towards business growth. It is expected that IBM will enable in few consultants that will push its customers towards  that direction by making a long term win for Apple. The security is the basic fundamental for businesses. Swift is considered as the more enhanced form of objective C that enable to address small errors that a developer can make while coding.

It was estimated that swift was basically designed to ensure safety with variables that have to be computed before use. It was expected that variables have to be initialized before use so that they could be used to check the overflow and automatic memory management. Swift thus was basically designed for security and thus partnership has the probability to address these concerns. The enhanced enterprise, app-loaded iPhones and iPads will be a motivation for organizations that wants to achieve a higher level of data security and exclusive efficiency. This will also aid in serving a massive number of industry specific business solutions along with the applications that are perfectly created for iOS devices.

The new applications that have been served by this method cover an array of IBM cloud services consolidated for iOS devices. Device management, mobile integration, analytics and privacy are a few aspects which have been highly focused during app development. Apple care services and offerings will accommodate according to the requirement of the business ecosystem. Apple’s aims to achieve higher efficiency and dependability by the new packaged offerings that were catered for device activation and management by IBM. Thus this has lead in increasing the proliferation of iOS devices with the rise across further enterprise applications and service. This has thereby lead in an increased demand for the significant skills.

How Innovations In Mobility Services Helped Healthcare Sector

healthcare mobilityMobile technology has brought huge revolutions to the healthcare sector as it has been expanding from smartphones to tablets and now to wearable devices. The implementation of Artificial intelligence, Big data analytics and Internet of Things has brought the world of devices closer. This in turn has made it easier for the users from all the industrial sectors to communicate in an efficient manner. The work processes have simplified and also the work limit is achieved in less time. Google Glass is being implied in hospitals and medical places to facilitate  feasible interaction between the clinician and the patients. This minimises the need for the patient to visit the physician every now and then as the queries can be discussed over the connected devices.

Many improvements have come over the years that have helped healthcare as a sector to progress beyond the industrial demarcations. Digital hospital rooms, virtual medicine kiosks, electronic health records (EHRs), Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS) and E-health devices are all being incorporated that are in turn weaving huge information which needs to be regularly stored and analyzed to emancipate the quality of patient care. Tablet and smartphones are being deployed for purposes of fast access to patient information from remote locations, quick documentation for each patient medical biography, real time bed management (nutrition, transport, environmental conditions), call scheduling and physician to patient communication setups for appointment reminders or test results discussion.

Remote monitoring and video conferencing technologies are helping to facilitate diagnostics and tracking of critical and complex patients, Retail based Health care kiosks for health analysis, Language translation and interpretation, Clinician to clinician consultations, e-visits to patients in remote areas and so on. Several mobile apps and wearable devices have been developed to aid doctors to assess patient information like blood pressure, blood sugar and body fitness. The implementation of such specific devices also help the patients to communicate with the physicians, check lab results, manage medications and much more. Mobile applications have also emancipated the living standards due to the availability of tremendous number of applications that hold fitness information.

Along with aiding the medication system, the technology must also be responsible to keep such intricate data safe and secure. Such technical procedures must also be available in different locations to help connect people in the same area from across the globe. Hence scalability is another major factor. A viable network scheme must be provided to share the medical data files over sufficient bandwidth. All such settlements are being levied so that mobile technology can help bridge the gap between the haves and havenots and be essentially available to all users throughout the world in the form of inexpensive but useful custom mobility solutions. As more and more individuals prefer living independently today a slew of mobile apps and healthcare devices are needed to enhance the state of living and help users take care of themselves even when no near one is around them. In an era of technological boom, the collusion of Information technology with the Healthcare sector is sure to safeguard several lives that might be at the verge of zero-living or death.

Google Is Getting Serious For Enterprise Mobility

android enterprise mobilityEnterprise mobility has reached a new plethora of technical expertise with the upcoming versions of android reaching the market. The recent Apple and Google developer conferences have made significant announcements in regards to Internet of things and their smart devices in the consumer market. There have also been announcements of launch of the new version of the platform by each of the IT bandwagons. Google has made a great headstart with its latest iteration.

Android Work will take the world of enterprise mobility to a higher level by distinguishing the usages while keeping the user in the same cobweb of previously used applications. The same device is seen to be in use for both professional as well as personal use. There is therefore a heightened need to segregate the data for both usages while also keeping the data secure as well as integrated in the same smart machine.

Enterprise Mobile Management Provider keeps different containers for personal as well as professional lives but the look of apps as well as data remains similar for the end user. Also Android Work apps when enabled would inform users that they are in work mode. This control as well as separation of user personal and corporate profiles propagates rightful maintenance of data. Also in the case of corporate owned devices, the transmission of data from one device to another and between apps can be controlled. New APIs have been launched so it has also become convenient for the developers to strictly focus on meeting enterprise ends.

Also the EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) delivers safer login to enterprise servers, authenticate access to enterprise apps and keep the user profiles segregated. Android Work is a great innovation in the world of multiple platforms serving different functionality to different users. A closer sync of development is yet required to merge Android Work with enterprise solutions but these innovations will surely take the stagnant state of mobility in corporate ecosystem to the next higher strata.

How Would iOS App Extensions Help Developers Attain A Niche

ios app extensionsApple introduced several products and launches that were slated to be released at the world wide developer conference. It has introduced several features under iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite that will enable third parties to tap into social integration features. With the development of sharing extension, third party social sites cater users with the set of tools for sharing documents or media links. In order to ensure the file sharing and security Apple had to develop new App extension architectures without disclosing the system for performance, privacy and security issue. Because of the underlying controversies existing between Google and Facebook this work has taken longer time duration in getting completed. Recommendation includes certain features that assure to extend iOS and OS X by enabling new and existing web services.

Facebook controversies that helped Apple to associate with Twitter in iOS 5: In order to support multiplayer games in iOS 4.1. Apple unveiled Game center as a separate social network and it has gained massive momentum because of its useful gaming functionality. Later it focussed on developing an architecture which was confined to support third party social networks in which major impact was put up on Facebook and Twitter. The several controversies regarding high profile on facebook with ping has laid apple in releasing iOS 5 with Twitter integration within it.

Facebook obtains iOS 6 integration, misses OS X Mountain Lion and delivers native iOS app: Cocoa Touch Facebook app for iOS was created via Facebook for iPhone and Apple. Apple also unveiled iOS 6 that amplified iOS 5 from Twitter to Facebook with a new social framework. Apple also inhibited share sheet abutment for all social networking sites in OS x mountain and has brought its own game center to OS X.

Facebook Flops at home: According to the reports generated, Apple’s platform was generating high revenues in comparison to Android by making iOS as a preeminent mobile advertising revenue for Facebook. This all was possible because of the premium customers getting attracted with iPhones and iPads. Rather than making speculation in the context of Apple, Facebook has started to shift his focus on burgeoning into new categories and also towards online advertising.

Social features in Photos, iPhoto & iCloud: In order to save multimedia files from iPhoto into a cloud based repository, MobileMe Gallery became another component that enabled users to perform this functionality by replacing RSS photocasting. Photo stream and iCloud sharing were another features for automatically sharing photos by turning a magnified camera roll into a tool.

Deets on Share Sheets: Shared links in Safari 7.0 is a feature which was integrated in OS X Mavericks which is used to extract web page URLs from social networks feeds you follow. Apple with the growth in technologies is now paving support for third parties in order to unify support for their own set of services. Rather than making use of Apple’s stock sharing sheet, Apple is implementing other social networking sites in order to customize share sheet presentation.

How Cloud Adoption Would Help Support Billions Of Connected Devices

cloudCloud computing technology and its applications are being used in almost all the sectors, according to the purpose of their usage. It enables to transform the entire business processes rather than only improving its operational efficiencies. There have been various challenges while moving towards cloud mobility and it is being expected as a game changing innovation in the industry. The evolution of cloud based application will convert organization into an organism in which the basic parts even assist in the services. According to the researches there have been various methods that will lead the industry and business to a new level.

There are massive numbers of challenges coming on our way as we enter into the new era of connected devices. There will be a large requirement of IP addresses with billions of devices connecting online and thus cloud providers need to support internet protocol that will enable billions of new addresses. Cloud computing is a reliable, elastic and agile platform which is required to support apps that are created via interconnection of several devices. Automated provisioning, multi-tenancy and usage accounting are few technologies supported by cloud computing. SaaS, Paas and IaaS are its three basically deployed services. Several Tech Giants are providing a software development platform in order to build an innovative machine to machine and the Internet of Things applications.

According to the researches, it was estimated that with the increase in productivity, the machines will continue to evolve. As devices will become connected and intelligent, Internet will  continue to revolutionize industrial function. This is going to take place  as far as we will demonstrate a leading increment in productivity. In order to augment escalation and profitability, Organizations are investing high revenues in creating sensors that will abstract data from distinct device. As speculation runs high, it is being estimated that by 2020 there will be around 50 billion connected devices in the world. With this the focus has been shifted on the massive amount of data that will be  used to develop distinct functionality by adhering upon smart building, factories and smart grids. This all will result in increased opportunity, disruption and larger revenues.

  • Formalized framework for cloud adoption has been highly beneficial for the application development community. It has been excluded with respect to graphics intensive projects, as games or video streaming, business logic development and editing that caters cloud to support the load. So business executives must prefer for public, private or a hybrid cloud while deploying an application as it can be visited frequently multiple times as per needed.

  • There are several methods by which these cloud computing services can be deployed. Consumers can pay for it accordingly or it can be made via capital purchase as they can, even opt for pay-for-use and rent the peak average.

There have been several threats in the cloud computing environment among which data loss is very common. The key aspect to preserve against the data loss is to safeguard recommendations from being stolen. Strong authentication techniques are required and businesses must look to inhibit the sharing of credentials between users and services rather than sharing among all. Biometrics as fingerprints is also the major aspect that can be used as a method of developing authentication. Superior authentication techniques will serve in augmented cloud adoption strategy.

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