Technology Has Changed The Overall Mobility Index

mobile_platformWith the growth and advancement in mobility, the comprehensive solutions are needed in order to meet the needs of customers. Mobility index is the open ended solution in order to monitor the impact of mobile application. It aims to mount latest enterprise mobility management techniques that aim at expanding mobile endorsement and scalability for consumers. The main objective behind this was to create an economical solution in order to increase productivity and manage enterprise mobility. The main objective behind the Good Technology was to cater vital insights to the varied sectors regarding the adaptability of new devices, platforms and mobile applications.
According to the mobility index report in this quarter, we have seen various organizations that have grasped a true platform approach and achieved progress with the mobility maturity curve. Enterprises serve customers, employees and their associated partners with the crucial and sensitive data by understanding the business benefits of doing so. Enterprises are mobilizing business processes from CRM to BI in order to protect instant messaging. They do so by articulating away from traditional desktop applications and reintroducing those resources into creating and expanding secure app workflows.
Overall Highlights: In the quarterly reports, Android applications claimed to have 12 percent of total activations and document editing was considered as the most widely used enterprise applications. An exclusive growth was observed in the secure instant messaging apps and custom app activations doubled their growth and it was observed to  be 25 percent higher from Q1 to Q2. CRM software is being speculated to be the next benchmark and thus enterprise apps are expected to see adequate double digit growth.
OS highlights: There have been significant growth in activation of the massive number of Android devices, whereas there have been minimal growth observed in the activation of iOS Devices. The app activations in iOS were observed to be 88 percent of total applications this quarter, whereas in Android has, 12 percent of enterprise app activations has been recorded.
Device type highlights and Industry highlights: The 58 percent of tablet app activation was observed, which was comparatively higher than the smartphone app which was observed at 42 percent. According to the results it was estimated that tablet is the main fundamental for editing and accessing documents. It has been observed that quarter over quarter, several professional, financial and business services are monitoring significant knock in activations.

Detailed findings:In order to mark trends in applications, mobility and device preference, good technology monitored the number of mobile devices and applications activated by its consumers.

  • Net Activation by platform Q2 2014: 32 percent of total Android device activation was observed in this quarter whereas iOS activations decreased and windows phone observed to remain consistent since last 5 previous quarters.

  • Net activation by type of device: The increment of four percentage points was observed in Android smartphone activation and came out at 30 percent of total device activation. On the contrary tablet activations view a slight decrease and iOS smartphone activations remained consistent.

  • Net activation by industry: There have been technological advancement and thus regarding device activation, slight growth was observed in financial, business and professional services as well as manufacturing.

  • iPad activations by industry: A significant iPad activations growth was observed among Public, Government and financial sector. Whereas there was massive number of industrial sectors that reported consistent activation results.

  • Tablet Activations: In this quarter, 10 percent of total Android tablet activations were recorded, whereas iOS tablet activation reported a minimal decrease.

Various Challenges That Google Glass Needs To Overcome

google-glassNow a day in this fast paced technological world, wearable computing platform as Google Glass  has become the window to real time events. Among all wearable tech togs, Google Glass has received more attention and stands to revolutionize. In this modernizing scenario, we could be able to check all the information electronically without using a handheld device. Massive number of technological advancements has turned fancy things into reality. The most popular tech tog Google glass was a device at the junction of usage, social prominence and fashion. Google Glass has captivated enterprises in order to cater revenues for startups that are trading with smartphones and hybrid eyeglasses.

There have been various social challenges that Google Glass needs to confront so that it can become popular  and it may be adapted by a large number of users. Recommendation includes certain issues that Google Glass must overcome:

Acknowledge the value of the Physical real estate: The clothing and the visibility, beauty products that are used by us puts forward an opinion about our identity. This enables communication among the various parts of our body with deviating ferocity. In this physical real estate scheme, eyes are considered as the most important and imminent part as they allow to understand nearby surrounding by communicating with the states of mind. We spend excess time in purchasing glasses and take one that perfectly suits us and so we expect the same reflection from Google Glass. It is a clumsy highly accessible product from an accessorizing prospect. So tech giants are working on making Google Glass more fashionable so it may suit user’s persona. Thus, there is a great need of taking the shift from wearable device to fashion electronics within an organization. There have been a massive number of electronic devices as the iPhone and electronic tablet that has been transformed into accessories and the similar aesthetic appeal is expected to come in Google Glass.

Design by necessity in mind: The devices that are being used for health purposes are being used in the society and people have become addicted to it. There have been a massive number of devices that are accepted by the users as it enables us with health degrees of functioning. The wearable devices need to be very effective if they focus more on adapting non critical information rather than medical necessity. It is being viewed as a gadget that caters in increasing user convenience instead of focusing only on unifying and transmitting data for a particular reason. As speculation runs high, Google endeavors glucose measuring lens to have a better conglomeration of utility and appearance. Thus it can also be used to collect data, but up till now it has not been created in such a manner to convert that data into a specific function.

Contribute to the ecosystem: Consumers are expecting for those products to get unveil who will fit seamlessly into their day to day activities. There are some smart devices that can be operated via phone, but Glass exists on its own and functions itself. Thus in order to get increasingly interconnected, Google glass  should get integrated within all components of consumer’s life. Thus in order to understand people and their social contexts, there is a need to evaluate functional equation between necessity, blend and physical real estate.

How Will Big Data Help Address Climate Issues

big dataAs the use of internet has augmented over the years, the need to categorize data in every sector has become top most priority for the data analysers. Most of the data is scattered which may or may not of any use in distant future. The proper handling and managing of such files led to the humble onset of Big data. The ever rising data due to availability of cloud infrastructure and users’ dependency upon the smart devices for the exchange of information has skyrocketed the data everywhere. Dissipated data needs to be used for referral cases in near future as this can be helpful for gauging several aspects that can save life and property in times of need.

The propagation of the idea of connected devices and round the clock internet connectivity has led to people being closer to each other through the use of machines. This connection has helped users in times of need when they were extremely ill lying at home having no one to help them. The communication amidst the patients as well as the doctors has eased. Therefore effective organisation of data exchanged over the devices is of utmost importance to result in a useful output for helping the users themselves.

As environmental issues are rising day by day, the data across all nations need to be assembled so as to gather an idea of the resulting weather deficits and take immediate steps in order to mitigate them or at least save most of the life as well as property as possible. All the collusion of data within respected demarcations will also help the geologists to know when the cyclones, hurricanes, floods and storms can dismantle entire cities and thereby safeguard the lives of people as soon as possible. There have been cases of such clear precautions taken when the geologists were able to find out the speed and distance of an approaching hurricane back in the 1990’s and several people were saved beforehand from the fast descending storm.

It is difficult to know when calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis strike a place but with due knowledge, effective infrastructure can be established so that there is a minimal loss of life and property. With the presence of a myriad number of devices across the globe well equipped with sensors and actuators, the real time activity of a person and his surroundings can easily be gauged. This data can be used for the betterment of humanity so that weather conditions can be challenged as and when possible. Several other precautionary steps can also be taken with the efficient proliferation of devices to gather data and relay it back to centres for proper filtration of the crucial facts of the gathered data.

Several enterprises develop apps and are working in the particular domain to assemble the past and the present data for facilitating the users with a greener environment. Data as well as devices will come handy in this long work of alleviating climate concerns. Weather is one area where prior information cannot help govern the current scenario. Our own readiness can help us in the times of need. Therefore the major IT organizations are making tremendous efforts to create maximum nodes and get data to be stored in their data centres for being used to determine the climate state and weather conditions.

The Changing Dynamics Of iOS And Android Market Share

Android-versus-iOSWith the announcement of any new release or any app development, Tech giant war is rising at a fast pace and it has always been seen that this war continues to its rage. The assumption regarding which platform would lag behind and which will be the greatest hit among the market shares are being discussed by the people. Tech giants cater consumers with the lucrative opportunities and offers them with better technology experience. In this business world and tech industry, crisis between Android and iOS has emerged into the most ardent rivalry. And this tension projected as soon as the Google unveiled its entry into the smartphone market.

According to the researches, it has been observed that Google has proved itself better among the market shares  in comparison to iOS. The news that has been buzzing around is that the Googles lead of the smartphone market is rising at a faster rate. as per the new reports generated, it was observed that at the consumption of varied mobile platforms, Androids market share attained a record 84.6 percent last quarter. So it is being said that Android has been successfully penetrated into the market and has taken over among its competitors. On the basis of adequate market share numbers, Android caters best visibility regarding its statistics and the revenue generated.

With the exclusion amount of market share among other mobile software platforms, Android’s continued growth has taken the glitters . Analytics made by the analyst recommended that within the last quarter Apple’s iOS market share drop down from 13.4 percent to 11.9 percent. Accordingly, 249.6 million units smartphone shipment was observed, which was higher in comparison to the previous year when it was 186.4 million units. It has always been the leading service provider and always proved its excellence in order to maintain its market presence. There is no denying the fact that Android devices caters with exclusive features rather than focussing only on visualization.

There have been high demands of economical smartphones in a few regions and Android growth has been driven due to this factor. As speculation runs high, It is being expected that android’s growth will get affected by the forthcoming iPhone 6 as a large number of users are surely going to switch on larger screen iPhones. On the contrary, if we observe revenue wise, then it is concluded that Apple has won in terms of profit share. According to the reports generated, iOS’s profit share was 87.4 percent. Let see that in the coming future who will maintain its more market presence and what other improvements are required to boost its market share.

How Has Swift Programming Language Helped Gauge New Opportunities

swiftEven when Android hold the maximum market share of smartphones, it is IOS that drives the overall revenue out of the smartphones and tablets. Apple manages to earn nearly 87 percent of the entire revenue. Therefore IOS has always proved its worth in the market of smartphone technology. WWDC 2014 held in June marked an important event in the history of Apple as the Cupertino rooted company launched an important programming language that had a clear aim of rendering user friendly apps with the least loopholes presented with the Objective-C language. The language takes features from Java and Python. The code is simple and dense. That is what there are less chances of bugs as more effort is required to put the code into pieces. A blog has also been launched to discuss the merits and demerits of the language. Also the code can further be modified. Several libraries will be added by developers and all such changes can be discussed over the blog to improve as well as popularise the language.

There are still several utilities to be fixed so that the old apps made in Objective C are able to run along with those using the language, Swift. All such changes need to be deployed by the developers. The first page on this blog was regarding compatibility of application created using Xcode versions and Swift, and also the third party frameworks. Swift is potentially deemed to be better than Objective C as it has taken several features from Python. There is extensive use of native methods and access to Cocoa methods frameworks is also another extended feature.

There are several other features associated with the language :

  • It takes features from C as well as Objective C without being compatible to C programming language. Also it is easy to learn and code. Also it has backend support to Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks that makes it more fun to work in.

  • It has simplified memory management with Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). Also it is new to programmers where there is compatibility of system programming along with scripting capabilities. Therefore there is added interest and zest dwelling in the language.

Xcode comes with an inbuilt debugging console where the code module can be tested with the running app. The testing environment could be the coding screen or the terminal can be used for seeing results. This REPL ( Read- Eval- Print – Loop ) is an important feature of Swift that it inherits from many of the most successful industrially incorporated languages. The language is overall deemed to be one of the most successful language to be implemented for Apple products development. Rest several libraries must be added by developers for the enhancement of this language. New apps will come along with IOS 8, therefore a close integration with the OS as well as the existing apps are required. Many changes will come over as developers delve deep into its implementation for creativity as well as commercial purposes. Developers who love brevity are very much in favor of Swift and look forward to Apple witnessing greater business heights with the right use of the language.

How Will Internet of Things Help Redefine Enterprise Workflow

IOT-ConnectThe emerging query that IT professionals are facing now a days is whether IoT is being confined to the top strategic mobility priorities for the better part of a decade. IT decision makers nowadays are trying to assess the fast pacing array of tools and technologies to accelerate business. There is no denying the fact that IoT among enterprises and consumer is becoming deeply rooted. IoT is exploding with the massive numbers of emerging devices as we can very well see that each and every device is coming with an application in order to control it. Thus we can see massive number of emerging home automated devices and each device seems to be captivating towards the Internet connection. This thereby improves the ability to communicate and collaborate by connecting individuals as well as devices through updates, notifications and content driven profiles.

With over 212 billion connected devices, IoT is expected to be $8.9 trillion market by the year 2020. In the coming future, connected things will become one of the major industries and it is speculated as the confluence of the leading trends of big data, smart mobility and cloud. The query that arises is how strategic IoT is to the enterprises. Enterprise grade version and consumer based services are its types, among which second is a consumer focused and less effective for the enterprises. It will be among top 10 emerging technologies that will cater trillions of dollars for the better part of a decade in the forthcoming era.

Enterprises on a large scale are heading towards IoT mobility and this also caters in increasing the value of connected devices. This is one of the greatest fact of Internet business and it also results in new ways and opportunities that will cater to create new business model. Customers prefer connected ecosystem because IoT connects active devices that acquire and portrays data  by broadly enriching the network. The abstracted data results in generating massive number of business opportunities and also develop zero-sum network effects. The strategies of accomplishing the IoT in order to create businesses is emerging and so the places where IoT will impact enterprise are:

Smart workplace: It includes each and every device that consists of sensors as well as controllers and is connected to the Internet. It is basically referred to the data and technology for a workplace that can often be wearable as business microscope and many more things.

Business control and it’s process monitoring: There are several business activities that can be monitored, controlled and deeply instrumented and then can be systematically improved once they are determinable. There are various effective solutions from tech togs to smart dust that will be significant in capturing the data. The mobility solutions that are cultivated for big data will be adapted to manage, coordinate and refine meaning from the large streams of digital data.

Enhance and enlarge IT and automation of products as well as services: IoT is expected to enhance enterprise in the form of digital enterprise and it will cater IT existence of enterprises among the world. Enterprises will facilitate their products with IoT and then later design them accordingly.

Business Intelligence and staying connected with customers and vendors place: This will give vital insights into the real world and grab our business to accommodate perceptive of reality. Through IoT enable system enterprises can get connected to the billions of customers 24×7 and this will enable companies to stay consistent.

The Correlation Between Mobility and Big Data

Big DataWith the increase in smartphone usage in this continually shifting state of reality, the overall paradigm is changing at a rapid pace. The advent of the massive number of smartphones has become substantial in circulating large amount of information, thereby creating an augmented reality and serving in a distinct way of living. This excessive amount of information can be a bane as innovative technologies are catering in an unexpected set of services. The user could accumulate large number of photos and videos shot by themselves on their smartphones in order to create a better record of the event. With the rise in mobility, people have become more productive and it has become simpler for them to search and locate things on clouds.

Following are the certain factors that will lead innovation towards productivity with the abundant amount of data as smartphones combines with big data:

Big Data and our past mistakes:  Big data collaborate large amount of digital artifacts from the usage of smartphones . The internet is a medium which consists of all the details as the texts that is sent and the place from where it has been sent and stored. Big data, create algos on the basis of a large amount of data that can be nourished, derived, distributed and computed using smart devices. Thus it caters in compensating decisions made at strategic levels, thereby providing benefits from the most effective criterion.

Wisdom of Crowd: It  is an important component that allows us to remind the tasks that we did last time, the number of projects and the assignments that didn’t execute. The queries that arise are that whether the Linkedin will be able to monitor the individuals dealing with project, track record and check it’s capability of achieving goals. The apps that are integrated in Smartphones enables in enhancing our choices as how we consume our time and allot our exclusive resources by using patterns and relationship in the rousing manner.

Mobility and Big Data: There have been several sectors as healthcare, food, infrastructure and insurance that uses contemporary smartphone mobility unified with mobile data. Healthcare sectors have improved method of operations, thus cardiologist can now tract patient’s performance on his smartphone by setting in distinct part of the world. There have been the advent of technologies that allows an individual to check all major signs as BP, hemoglobin, blood pressure, heart rate and various other health related activities. Thus smartphones are becoming a compelling device that gathers valuable data and transform it into invaluable advice.

In order to cater high relevant experiences, enterprises can associate with customers in real time and achieve clear vision at the intersection of big data. The organizations that are relevant in extracting real time analytic perception across industries from big data are enhancing their customer bases. In order to drive more business productivity and emerge offerings, this is being performed via data available regarding mobile users and their communication with the applications. According to the reports generated, it is being assumed that smartphones will become smarter because of the big data that will cater them with the computing ability to make sense of data stored by the year 2017.

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