How Would Wearable Technology Influence Enterprises

wearablesThere have been massive number of technological innovations and developments that has become reality in the wearable technology. It has laid an extensive impact on the business world that has lead in improved productivity, large user engagement thereby resulting in making large revenues  for the industry. It will not only increased the efficiency of doing work quicker but also in an efficient manner.  According to the reports generated, it is being speculated that the enterprise in regards of wearable technology will hit the $10 billion mark by the year 2016. And after this it has been calculated that the trading values which now has exceeded 19 millions will exceed 120 million by the year 2018.

Wearables are starting to achieve some adherence at an initial phase. We all are aware of the extensive publicity around the iWatch and so people are making speculations whether they will be able to gain the same traction as the previous launches had. Wearables are expected to play a prominent role and might shape the workplace in the coming years. Instant access to data will stretch out further productivity gains thereby making job training much simpler and demanding.

Workforce, transformation and productivity: The hands free nature of tech togs is the major asset and it lays positive impact on workers across various industries. Glass technology accommodate itself towards this in an efficient manner with the following usage in particular sectors:

  • It is beneficial for the doctors superimposing vital signs, collecting patients detail during surgeries and broadcasting it to professionals worldwide thereby executing commands with voice activations.

  • These are proficient for engineers acquiring graphics, technical details and getting remote backup while operating repairs.

  • It is useful for those that approach real time updates, as real time recordings that use rendering services and achieve data as number plate information or criminal records.

  • It is pragmatic for repository employees that are being delivered with real time data and assignments all through their route.

  • It can even be useful for the executives obtaining customer data and could be significant for sales assistance or for customers services in aviation sectors.

Training and development: In order to improve the training capacities, augmented reality could be used within the enterprises.

  • There have been particular virtual reality headset as Oculus rift that could be used in aeronautical sector to cater practical and more alluring training. It can improvise training standards and can minimize costs of guidance basically with overall enterprises.

  • In order to give response for training purposes, Google glass is being used in enterprises to record communication that are held with customers.

Big Data Analytics: The massive amount of data created by wearables can be utilized in enterprises in order to enhance combination, working ways and business methods. Big data can be used to drive enhancement by extracting data from wearables and can result in improving understanding of employees.

Health and fitness: The Tech togs have been playing significant role in healthcare enterprises. They could assist enterprises by recognizing health warnings by monitoring heart rate, step counters and blood pressure. They can be useful for  the individuals working on construction site, front-line officers, military and safety cautious roles. Support teams could be able to monitor signals at an early phase and thus work accordingly in order to take adequate measures.

The Overall Internet Of Things Paradigm Is Taking A Shift For Good

Internet-of-ThingsThe assumption for business model innovation is becoming larger with the growth of IoT technology. The conclusion for business model IoT technology has catered with a new era of contentment and automatic convenience for technology evangelists and all types of prophets. According to the reports, 2014 is being considered as the big year of the Internet of things. So it is a high time to take this huge subject into consideration in an efficient manner and start ignoring delusions. The fact that seems to be a bit annoying is that people only focusses on the things. It was observed that every time when a new product is released, that product is expected to be an another indication of the coming future. Web platform will be created in order to combine transformation of IoT generated data.
It is a consolidated framework with a method of open Application programming interface which  made it feasible for programmer and beginners to completely transform the world of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century. There have been certain tools that will enable something to be feasible and spontaneously combined with the network. So basically it is the Internet not the things that are taken into consideration. There have been certain components that are absolutely elemental to this very concept.

  • Data: First is Data that is produced from the billion of devices and is considered as the most important element as it enables the digital world with real world situations. Internet of things acts as a tool in massive numbers of technological shifts taking place, thereby catering and accumulating data at an economical price.

  • Access is key: Access is another core component of IoT. All the data become exclusive when it comes to use by the developers and businesses who make it genuinely consistent. Latest services integrated to large drift of Data that is extracted from all the connected devices will enable Internet with an extraordinary level of context.

  • The API: This is another crucial part of that controls the user facing side while developing a network for machine to machine communication. The importance of M2M is increasing with the growth of IoT. API allows data to get fetched from the devices and can be used in their own applications and various other industrial sectors.

The query that seems to be a bit annoying is that all are making speculation that it is going to rise in the coming future. But if we try to figure out, then we can see massive numbers of devices around us that are connected to the internet. The internet is present everywhere in some or other form as Smart TV, live streaming, gaming sessions, Spotify in car or home sound system or tickets booking via Passbook or Google wallet. So it is not the futuristic assumption, but it exists right now in the real world. According to the reports generated, there are maximum number of people that have a key to access Internet of Things via smartphone or tablet.

Integrating Bluetooth or WiFi in any device is not that much crucial, but the main point is in fetching the data from those devices. This data can be used to gain traction among the developers so that they can use them to build services that cater real time value to the users. Thus there should be industry development that may result in growing ecosystem and figure out how to cater security for the individuals of the devices that will be connected to the web in the coming future.

Internet of Things Would Fuel Future Innovations

IoTIn this fast paced technological world, we can see the emergence of IoT bringing ahead a tremendous wave that follows the enterprises thereby making them smarter in every aspect. According to the researches, IoT is being considered as a next phase of the revolution with the increase in billions of devices in the coming future. The reports estimated about $7.1 trillion of IoT solutions and interconnection of near about 50 million of devices till 2020. Earlier we were not able to hear the amount of data and signals, but as speculation runs high, it is being expected that we will be able to hear, sense, capture and control those signals. A focus on investors location will enable user to understand its current position in the IoT cycle.

Early and Trending higher inviting companies to talk about IoT: According to the report, IT professionals have always assumed a connected world, but several times these assumptions have been estimated incomplete. So in order to understand the reason behind it, we need to focus on the current IoT trends and growth manager positioning to extract clues. We can not see the change in technology by only accommodating the box of IoT semiconductor companies with Google Trends data consisting the phrase IoT. The organizations have started deploying the IoT theme after 6 successive quarters by growth managers. From this very point of time, Google Trends data have started spanning from an extended period of stagnation to accelerated growth. The companies have again started looking forward to explore IoT and it is estimated to create new enterprises and categories. As IoT market continues to grow further, users foresee similar environment of software marketers to develop in accordance with them.

Impact of IoT on extensive market technology trends: There have been certain things in which IoT market seems to be new as due to its inevitable constraints IoT is undeveloped. This thereby leads in minimizing exposure, thereby driving an extensive shift in providing technology. It is believed that IoT acts as a spur for the greater market theme. With $1.1B deploying into an initial phase in the year 2013, long established shareholders are flooding into the IoT private company environment. There is no denying the fact that due to this public vendors are attempting beyond the boundaries of public markets. Private companies capable of staying private for a long duration according to the reports that have been observed in current late stage financing bends by Uber, Snapchat, and Dropbox.

Impact on communicating with shareholders: We collide straightforward with a market fundamental be it any fleeting from public to private markets by analyzing the IoT expenditure scenario. This has made crucial for vendors to make a choice on following factors that either they should consume in private market or invest in publicly accessible hardware layers or delay for public investable options. There have been various cases where investors could make their choices rather than only confining on public or private tag by taking a shift that may lead in extensive conclusion for companies. There have been rises in IoT technology and its competitors that invest large amount in it, thus moving beyond this has become more extensive.

Apple Paid $10 Billion To Developers Last Year

apple ios developersApple has set a new paradigm with its various launches and innovative technologies that have been released. For most of the organizations, the drive for mobility has become the major part of the business technology. There is no denying the fact that Apple, by adapting these new technologies has led in growth of businesses and has resulted in an increased productivity. All these calls for an increased revenue thereby serving developers in an effective manner. According to the reports generated, it was estimated that there have been a massive number of increments in the revenues since last few years.
It was observed that there have been exclusive rise of iTunes billings by 25 percent every year with the passage of time. According to the statistics, Over the past three monetary years, apple’s movies or music sales and it’s mobile application sales have resulted in the rapid growing part of its business. Among these, the company has unveiled the 75 billion Application store downloads in the starting of the month. With its exclusive sales since last few years, it has covered large market share economically.
Apple’s successful revenue details were illustrated with the facts and figures that were observed from the previous sales. It has been said that more than $20 billion amount has been paid to the App Store developers and it was speculated that near about half of its amount was already paid in the last year. Hence it was concluded that the App Store with its iTunes software and set of services is getting doubled every year. Thus, there have been a substantial increment according to the announcements that were made in the third fiscal quarter earnings conference call in the company.
For the quarters, US$37.4 billion revenue was unveiled in $7.7 billion in proceedings. The quarterly sale of iPad were 13.3 million whereas iPhone hit the sales by 35.2 million and Mac machine sales were speculated at 4.4 million units. The organization has enables developers with an ease of accessing iOS features which could be beneficial in the larger user engagement and number of sales. The companies have already served developers with new application development language ‘Swift’ and has also given them access on more than 4000 application programming interfaces as part of the new operating system iOS 8.
The record billings were basically generated by $4.5 billion income from services and iTunes accomplished record billings. From a long time, the companies stock and shares seem to be relatively stable. Let us see what comes next, whether there would be more rise in the revenues or what comes next.

Smartphones Are Becoming Smarter via Big Data

mobile_appWith the increase in smartphone usage in this continually shifting state of reality, the overall paradigm is changing at a rapid pace. The advent of the massive number of smartphones has become substantial in circulating large amount of information, thereby creating an augmented reality and serving in a distinct way of living. This excessive amount of information can be a bane as innovative technologies are catering in an unexpected set of services. The user could accumulate large number of photos and videos shot by themselves on their smartphones in order to create a better record of the event. With the rise in mobility, people have become more productive and it has become simpler for them to search and locate things on clouds.
Following are the certain factors that will lead innovation towards productivity with the abundant amount of data as smartphones combines with big data:
Big Data and our past mistakes:  Big data collaborate large amount of digital artifacts from the usage of smartphones . The internet is a medium which consists of all the details as the texts that is sent and the place from where it has been sent and stored. Big data, create algos on the basis of a large amount of data that can be nourished, derived, distributed and computed using smart devices. Thus it caters in compensating decisions made at strategic levels, thereby providing benefits from the most effective criterion.

Wisdom of Crowd: It  is an important component that allows us to remind the tasks that we did last time, the number of projects and the assignments that didn’t execute. The queries that arise are that whether the Linkedin will be able to monitor the individuals dealing with project, track record and check it’s capability of achieving goals. The apps that are integrated in Smartphones enables in enhancing our choices as how we consume our time and allot our exclusive resources by using patterns and relationship in the rousing manner.

When smartphone meets big data: There have been several sectors as healthcare, food, infrastructure and insurance that uses contemporary smartphone mobility unified with mobile data. Healthcare sectors have improved method of operations, thus cardiologist can now tract patient’s performance on his smartphone by setting in distinct part of the world. There have been the advent of technologies that allows an individual to check all major signs as BP, hemoglobin, blood pressure, heart rate and various other health related activities. Thus smartphones are becoming a compelling device that gathers valuable data and transform it into invaluable advice.
In order to cater high relevant experiences, enterprises can associate with customers in real time and achieve clear vision at the intersection of big data. The organizations that are relevant in extracting real time analytic perception across industries from big data are enhancing their customer bases. In order to drive more business productivity and emerge offerings, this is being performed via data available regarding mobile users and their communication with the applications. According to the reports generated, it is being assumed that smartphones will become smarter because of the big data that will cater them with the computing ability to make sense of data stored by the year 2017.

Ideas That Are Driving Internet Of Things

internet of thingsAccording to the reports, more than 26 billion of IoT devices are going to be deployed by the year 2020 in order to make large revenues. Marketers are moving briskly towards taking out a large amount of products in order to address specific needs. It is becoming crucial for IT executive to take out conclusion how the IoT can be applied in businesses as it is highly focused on consumer oriented products and apps. Thus it is being assumed that it lacks standards even after the efforts being made in front. Thus, there have been several strategies that help you in initiating through the lump of IoT data. In order to create enterprise scale IoT applications, we focussed on areas that have products and software that hold possibility for the businesses as well as organizations emphasizing on IoT platforms.

Cityhome: This is a technology that can be applied to office area which is capable of transforming in accordance that suit your needs with just a snap of your hand. A setup can be adjusted according to the needs of an organization . These kind of technologies can be applied to acquire less apace by enlarging their space when employees are travelling.

Audio Processing system: Real time audio processing is being marketed which allows user to develop the sound frequency you want to hear. It can be controlled by an application for Google and Android phones and it enable users to inundate out the atmospheric noise in a crowded place so that you can hear your Co workers better. It could be used in any industrial sector and enables people to communicate better with those around them.

Sociometric solutions: This allows managers to measure employee attitude at workplace by observing face to face interaction. This can be made possible by deploying sensors, microphones and Bluetooth into employee ID badges. It also allows managers to monitor the work activities going around in the organization and caters them to the dashboard on which they monitor the overall work processes. This dashboard can even enable employees to look how their efficiency heaps up.

WiFi enabled environment: WiFi enabled efficient technology must be applied in all the products so that the devices may get controlled via smartphone application. According to the reports, there have been energy adequate LED smart bulbs that are controlled via smartphone application. Similarly, this smart technology can be applied in a commercial setting and it is the simplest and economical way to extricate your products.

Netatmo: This is another component which is based basically on the personal use market  and caters weather station that not only monitors temperature and humidity but also checks levels of CO2. It is highly proficient for those companies that are  looking to acquiesce along or exceed government standards. Similarly, sun exposure wristband is useful for the workers, technicians and others who are out for work in construction sites.

Elecric Imp: It offers a platform which enables devices to get connected to the internet. It also caters WiFi enabled processor, operating system and an open application programming interface that allows users to add monitoring, messaging and several other services. It’s cloud based services offered organization to execute server side code which can be taken into use to deceive heavy tasks, thereby unifying your products to everything having Internet access.

ThingWorx(IoT Platform): It allows organisations to deploy machine to machine and IoT apps briskly using distinct data sources. It enables to connect millions of devices thereby providing storage, analytics, execution and associating capacity for apps. Keeping in mind the goal of plug and play functionality, the enterprises highly focusses on creating partnerships with a varied amount of M2M and IoT players.

The Opportunity Areas Revolving Around The Internet of Things

IOTThe biggest reason behind the technological innovations today is Internet of Things that is driving enterprise and users to collaborate to merge people, processes and data into one single entity via the internet services. There has been a shift of focus from smartphones to wearables and sensors. There has also been greater embedding of sensors in the upcoming devices. Many of the smart devices are centered towards one function, rest might serve many utilities. Google Glass has found usability in the healthcare sector. It is being incorporated to bridge the communication gap between the physician and the patients. Also the devices are being used to monitor and record images during the surgery.These records are further being used as a reference for other related cases. The Glass is also being used in medical schools to effectively hold classes and render medical training of the various delicate cases to the students. Not just this, there is a plethora of devices being launched by various IT corporations to merge the data and offer every functionality to the user at his/ her fingertips.

Internet of things finds applications in most of the sectors today having witnessed the need to access the internet 24×7. IOT enables devices can be used for environmental purposes. There can be devices to detect when the air quality around users’ home has started depleting and is full of pollutants. There can also be devices to transmit data about the life and extinction rate of marine ecosystem. This data can further be used to safeguard the life inside oceans for preserving the entire ecosystem at large. Agriculture can immensely benefit by the successful incorporation of sensor based devices. There can be smart farms that are able to detect the soil quality and the percentage of nutrients inside the soil. The manure as well as the fertilizers can be added after the analysis of the relayed information. Also the sensors can used detect the water level so that sprinklers can be stopped at the correct time after watering the entire area. This in turn will save huge quantity of water.

The consumption of energy resources will double in the next few years and conservation as well as smart utilization of these resources is a must. The sensors can be implied on the wind turbines to notify the direction of the wind and the  wind speed and keep the windmill working even when the direction changes. The refrigerators can also have sensors that can inform users when a food supplement has withered and should not be consumed. Internet of things can also be used for Public safety. The bridges can be embedded with sensors that can relay the degeneration of the architecture to the base center. The percentage of lacking materials in the strength of the bridge can be recorded and later repaired to avoid loss of life of citizens. The speed of deformity and spread of wave of earthquakes can be recorded if proper sensor based devices are implemented in time. These can render data about the incoming earthquake frequencies and the people can be shifted to safety zones in due time. Therefore, smart devices are not just industry implied systems but are highly benevolent for the overall safety of the planet today.

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